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Thriving with BodyCo Fitness

BodyCo Fitness has been home to the finest Personal Trainers on the North Shore for over 21 years, making it the North Shore’s first Premier Personal Training facility. This community driven, all-inclusive club takes pride in their “fun focused approach to fitness” where all individuals of any fitness level are welcome. But during this global pandemic one might ask, how exactly does such a busy gym maintain absolute cleanliness?

Meet Kendra Janes, BodyCo’s loyal cleaning attendant. Kendra is a hardworking individual willing to take on any task or challenge. With her checklist in hand every Monday and Thursday, she diligently folds hundreds of towels, mops, vacuums, and sanitizes surfaces of not one, but two floors worth of state-of-the-art equipment. Since November 2020 she has been committed to ensuring client and trainer safety at the BodyCo location on Bowser Avenue, demonstrating her dedication to providing security and an overall peace of mind for BodyCo’s members under the daily requirements of COVID sanitization protocols.

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Now recently transitioned into more independent work, Kendra has learned the importance of task organization, efficiency, and team collaboration. A set of skills transferrable both in and out of her work experience and future career development. “The staff are so welcoming, nice, and friendly so I really like doing the work and I always want to work hard” Kendra explained. “I definitely feel part of the team” she proudly expressed.

Having previously employed a participant from the Supportive Transitional Adult Group Education (STAGE) Program of the North Shore Disability Resource Centre, Chris the owner of BodyCo, had already experienced and was open-minded to the benefits of hiring diversly. He continues to make a conscious effort to encourage Kendra to try her very best while also challenging her with new tasks to learn every week.


As Sam Ewing once said, “Hard work spotlights the character of people. Some people turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” So, thank you to Kendra for playing a vital role in keeping our North Shore community safe during the chaos that has been the COVID-19 journey. It is truly employees like Kendra and employers like Chris at BodyCo Fitness that highlight the possibilities of inclusive yet diverse workspaces and the importance of hiring approaches free of implicit bias. 

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